Harold Crook's Garage was established in 1920. Providing the best automotive repair service in Cranston...

Harold Crook’s Garage was established in 1920. Providing the best automotive repair service in Cranston Rhode Island. Crook’s Garage handles all aspects of automotive repair, click here to read about all of our services.

It’s a familiar sign and a familiar place. Harold Crook’s Garage, on Gansett Avenue ~ just where it has always been. Just where Harold Crook set up shop many decades ago. Just where Jim Clarke assumed ownership of it, 26 years ago.

Harold Crook’s Garage is a place whose values go back to the days when you knew and trusted your car mechanic like you knew the milkman, and the family doctor, and the barber on the corner. It is a business reminiscent of the days when no one talked about “customer service” or “money back guarantees” – those things were just implied by one’s reputation, and by one’s word. Harold Crook’s Garage is one of those places that has kept up with the advancements in automobile technology, without losing the traditional and oft-forgotten values of caring for your customers like they were family, of going the extra mile because that is the way it has always been done. It is one of those places you just don’t find around much anymore.

Back in the early 1920’s, Harold Crook opened a small garage on Gansett Avenue. Over time, the business grew and his son Harold Crook, Jr. took over the reins. Eventually, the garage was passed on to the able hands of Jim Clarke – an avid mechanic and a natural at his craft. Clarke had joined the Crook “family” 38 years ago where he learned from the best. When he took over the business, he preserved its trusted values of uncompromised workmanship, dependability and affordability. The garage’s customers followed, many of whom knew the original Crook family.

While Jim’s wife Jeanette keeps the “engine” of the business running, Clarke and his talented technician Glen Jenison are busy repairing just about any car – domestic or foreign – with just about any problem. Clarke is a master at identifying and resolving all those “heads scratcher” issues that leave car owners stumped. Whether it is time spent under the hood or behind a high-tech computer scanner, Clarke and Jenison work tirelessly until the problem is found and fixed. With the right skills, and ongoing training, they can do “anything and everything”, including:

Maintenance & Tune-ups
Transmission & Engine
Heating & A/C
Brake Service
Emissions Repair
Electrical Repairs
Computer Diagnostics
State Inspections & testing Emissions

Customers of Harold Crook’s Garage know that Clarke and his team will go above and beyond for them. It isn’t unexpected to find Jim transporting his customers back and forth from the garage while their cars are being repaired. Clarke might call it an informal “road test”, but his customers call it unbeatable service and true caring. Just the way it’s always been.

Harold Crook’s Garage is located on 10 Gansett Avenue in Cranston. They can be reached at (401) 942-6070. Visit their website at www.haroldcrooksgarage.com.

Meet the team of experts at Harold Crook’s Garage in Cranston – Glen Jenison, Jeanette and Jim Clarke.